Private John Arundell

Birth: 1757 in England
Death: 1822 in Fairfax County, Virginia

John Arundell married Jemima Davis in 1794 and they lived in Truro Parish, Fairfax County, Virginia.  It is possible that John was married prior to Jemima, as he has two children born before their marriage.  John and Jemima had nine children who survived to adulthood: William, John, Mary Ann, Nancy, Peter, Catherine, Elizabeth, Mary and Charles.

During the Revolutionary War, John enlisted in 1776 in the Continental Army, serving in Captain Johnston’s Company of the 5th Pennsylvania Regiment.

In 1778, John was selected to be a member of General George Washington’s Life Guard.   John was known as a trustworthy soldier.  After the Hickey Mutiny where several life guards plotted to assassinate General Washington, trustworthy men were needed to protect General Washington.  John served for the duration of the Revolutionary War in Washington’s Life Guard, ending his service in 1783.  For his service in the Revolutionary War, John received a pension beginning in 1818.  In his pension, John notes that he fought at Brandywine, Germantown, Virginia and was present at the siege of Yorktown.

In addition to his Revolutionary War service, John was still healthy enough that he enlisted and served in the War of 1812!